RESTORED STUDENT MINISTRY seeks to grow 6th-12th graders into strong disciples for Christ all while having a lot of fun! If you are looking for a community that will seek to invest, pour into, and love you right where you are, then you came to the right place. Students will be taught what it means to not conform to the world but to be transformed by Christ. The only joy we will find in this life is when we give ours to Jesus. God bless and we hope you join us soon!

Beyond Focus is our Student Praise and Worship Team. They named themselves Beyond Focus because their goal is to bring students and adults beyond just focus on God for a moment and instead into a eternal relationship with Him, seeking to follow Him every day of their lives.
They meet every Sunday at 4:30 for band practice and regularly lead worship at church
Gathering Times
Sunday School – 8:45AM every Sunday
Restored Student Nights – 6:30PM every Wednesday
Please Contact Student Pastor Bradley for all upcoming future event details and questions you may have!
Phone: (256) 656-3098


With all the uncertainty in our world today, it is easy to become fearful, but God calls us to have faith. How do we do that?

During this Quarantine, it’s a wonderful time to see how God views rest and reflection and to start incorporating it into our daily lives!